From time to time I work with hardware so my workshop is equipped with oscilloscope, multimeter, signal generator, soldering station, and recently also infra-red IC heater.

And because first of all I am a software engineer I also have a computer in my  workshop. It is mainly used for  software and hardware design. That is why it is a small server with not much graphics  but with 8 cores CPU and SSD (I don’t have  much spare time).

The thing I like the most is that I setup router at my home to forward some ports to the server and thanks to dynamic DNS I have access to  the machine from all over the world, even with my mobile phone.

And thanks to WAL (wake on lan) I can remotely switch on the machine.

My small workshop.
My small workshop.
My small server with hardware RAID 0 where I keep user data and SSD for the system.