I don’t have a lot of experience with Python. I used it at work twice. My first application was to speed-up Linux based device (HMI) settings. Plug in RS232 cable and setup  RTC, IP address, home page and calibrate touch screen.
Second I applciation I wrote was for testing USB communication. Generate file with random content send it to FTP server via USB PPP connection and remove the file. Repeat  this process as long as possible.

In both cases I found Python very friendly to use. So when during my preparations for IELTS exam I found a file with 57 000 English words together with frequencies how often the word is used, Python was my first choice to process the file. 57 000 words is to much to learn  so I decided to generate a new file. With 3000 words. Number I could more easily learn for the  exam. It must have helped because my IELTS overall result is 7.0 of 9.0.

Click to download the words project.