6000 liters watering can in action
6000 litres watering can in action
Internal pump was so stron that 6000 L was filled in 5 minutes
Internal pump was so strong that 6000 L tank was filled in 5 minutes
Stainless steal honey extractor.
Stainless steal 6 frames honey extractor. Thanks to H-bridge we used in sumo robots and DC motor fully automated. Once again ATMega16 was used for speed control. What you can see on this picture are honey drops.
Modified RS 09  German tractor. Wheels from cannon (filled with rubber), engine from Opel (Vauxhall) Kadet. I replaced the engine.
Together with my father we made pellets burner. We also imported machine for making pellets from China.
Fractionating tower. We build it and used it for fuel distillation.  The fuel was diesel contaminated with soils (sold to us as a waste from cleaning engines and pumps). 10000 litres of fuel were filtered in this way.
Production line of pasta. Designed by my father. It took about 2 years before production started. That’s where I spent almost every weekend in 1993-1994. That is also where I played with helium-neon laser for the first time.