“Apatorek” sumo robot

Together with two of my friends (Borys Cieszynski, Mariusz Barczak) we build a sumo robot named “Apatorek”. We spend about 4 hours every day for 2 years to make the robot. But it was worth, the robot twice won second prize in Sumo robots competition in 2007 and 2008. Competition was held by Poznan University of Technology. All together  44 teams from universities all over the Poland were registered for the competition.   Our team was sponsored by Nicolaus Copernicus University and Apator company.

Prizes were sponsored by Volkswagen, TME and Wobit companies.

It is worth mentioning that we not only assembled the board by our self but also  made the PCB by our self.

Robot was equipped with two MCUs  ATMega 16 and ATMega 32, optoisolators, home made H – bridge, three wide angle ultrasonic distance sensors, two narrow angle IR distance sensors, four white line detectors – foto-transistor coupled with IR LED, two DC motors taken out of BOSCH cordless screwdriver.

Below a few pictures of the robot.

Top layer.
robot (1)
Side and back of the robot.
robot (2)
Two IR sensors in the front.
robot (3)
Ring edge in background.
robot (4)
After winning the battle Borys dropped “Apatorek”. It was worth to take all the tools and spare parts with us.
robot (5)
From left: Mariusz Barczak, Przemek Ostrowski (me).
robot (7)
Side of the robot.
robot (8)
Ultrasonic sensor SRF04.
robot (9)
We sprayed tracks with special substance to increase friction.  My father used that for transmission belts.
robot (10)
robot (11)
robot (12)
From left: Mariusz barczak, Borys Cieszynski, Przemek Ostrowski (me).
2008 II place diploma.
2008 II place prize sponsored by TME.


2007 II place prize sponsored by Volkswagen.