HMI – Yocto Project

HMI – Yocto Project

Thanks to my amazing interpersonal skills on Friday’s afternoon a collogue  from manufacturing department found me some old metal frame which I modified to test HMI.


– The HMI is a third party device running Linux that was tailored for our needs. Because of my Linux experience I was responsible for specifying the requirements and implementing them. I had an access to the source codes and that allowed me to test different configurations. Eg. build different image of root file system. For instance to try different web browsers.

– Add a few scripts to change the device behaviour eg. to setup and kick external WATCHDOG, monitor free memory, restart the device if necessary.

– I was also responsible for testing the device. What you can see on the video is simple device to simulate pressing the LCD every minute and login to the system via web page. I chose not to use xdotool because that could somehow affect the system, although I did try it in the first place.

– Write Python application to configure the HMI device. Applciation was run on PC and communicate with HMI vi serial port. The application had to login as root,  setup IP address, synchronise time with timeserver, setup Chromium start up page,  calibrate touch screen, change root password.