HFC network optical node (coaxial to fibre converter)

Boostral BP100G brochureHFC network optical node (coaxial to fibre converter)

My responsibilities:

– Participate in hardware design

– Run the prototype board (the evaluation board processor was different than the target)

– Push buttons driver – on 3 GPIO pins we had 4 buttons

– LED (3 x 7SEG ) display driver – with feedback to verify that chain is not broken

– UI menu structure and mechanism

– Implement Automatic Gain Control (AGC) module according to design specification

– Implement 16Q16, 5Q27 arithmetic functions

– Write debug code : soem of the techniques I used:  wait for specific key pressed on error, send bell character on error, print error messages in red colour, print memory maps

– Modify UART driver

– HMS ValueMax Transponder Monitoring – implement code to act like a EEPROM memory

– Designed extensible framework to create parameters memory map

– Communication architecture for UI (GUI – KEYBOARD),  I used a queue to buffer events

– ADC driver modification to use DMA

– Measure laser optic power

– Helping student write Windows application using wxWidgets and Code Blocks